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Do you often find yourself looking at clothing online or in store, getting so excited that you buy impulsively only to be utterly disappointed with how it looks when you try it on? If the answer is yes, I can teach you how to avoid this!

The cornerstone to exceptional personal style requires two fundamental elements:

1 Knowing how to dress your body shape

2. Understanding which colours best compliment your skin tone



Did you know that most of us wear just 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time?


Do you have a wardrobe which is bursting at the seams but still have “nothing to wear”? Do you spend precious minutes in the morning getting hot and flustered, whilst trying on numerous outfits which just don’t look right? If you can strongly identify with any of these, then the wardrobe edit is made for you!


We will work together in the comfort of your home to identify the items which work best for you and your body shape. We will breathe life into unworn items and gently eliminate items which are not working for your inherent colouring, body shape or lifestyle.

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Do you get completely overwhelmed and discouraged when shopping for clothes? Do you gravitate towards the same items in store, yet desperately want to switch it up? Perhaps you just fancy a bit of pampering for yourself or a loved one. Whatever the reason, a personal shop is the perfect way to experience shopping in style! Whether you are looking for a general wardrobe update or are shopping for a special occasion, let me take care of the hassle and stress of shopping with clothes and accessories which have been expertly selected for you. You will have my undivided attention as I guide you through the right stores ensuring a fun and seamless experience.


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Re-connect with your style and boost your confidence with my ultimate style experience. If you are seeking a complete style transformation then look no further!


Most of us have our own unique sense of style, but sometimes, circumstances or events cause us to fall out of touch with how we present ourselves to the world. Get your groove back, with this holistic experience which seamlessly combines all my style services, with the added benefit of focused time on refining your signature style.

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Personal styling is more than just shopping for clothes. How we dress affects our mood and confidence, as well as impacts how others perceive us.


Dressing with intention and confidence is a powerful subject matter and it brings me much joy to share my knowledge and experience with others.

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Interested in my style expertise but can’t meet in person.? No problem I have you covered. I am delighted to offer a range of services which can be bought to you from the comfort of your home.